EGNOS Spring 2020 Update

From The Turney Group

As you may be aware, there have been some changes to the EGNOS signal, which means you will have to alter the setting on your GPS system to receive a stable connection, please see details below for how to alter the settings. At the bottom you will also find some attached files which will also help with this process.

Important information for users of the EGNOS GPS correction service

These temporary changes do not affect RTX Range Point, Centre Point, Omnistar or RTK sat or modem.

Anyone using a Trimble display EZ Guide 250, EZ Guide 500, FM750, FM1000, XCN1050 or XCN2050 will need to enter the GPS (GNSS) set up page and change the EGNOS satellite number setting to the correct number PRN123 PRN126 or PRN136 using the timetable as detailed in the attached information. Please also refer to the instructions document.

New Holland displays. Change to the correct EGNOS satellite according to the timetable.  Using the attached AG-372 map, navigate to the diagnostic tab on the display desktop, this is where all the shortcuts are.  Once the diagnostic tab is selected, then open the RDI tab.  You may need to navigate left or right to find the tab.

Once in the RDI screen use the up down left right keys to find the CFG:SBAS Sats window.  From the home page tap right twice, to configuration, down once to GPS configuration, right once to DGPS configuration, then down 6 to CFG:SBAS Sats. Ensure that AORE is set to disabled.  If not then change to disabled by using the right key twice so that the flashing cursor is at the end of lower right word, (it might be set to heed health) once the cursor is seen flashing at the end of heed health use the up or down to find disabled, select disabled by pressing enter.

With AORE disabled now showing press the right key once to enable the flashing cursor under the E of AORE scroll up or down using the up or down keys to find the required satellite number depending on the timetable, the required satellite will probably show as disabled, press the right key once then use the up or down keys to select heed health and press enter to save the changes.  Press ESC several times to return to the home page where you will see the satellite you have selected will be searching.

Please see the notes in bold at the start of the instructions document, all 3 satellites can be set as “Heed Health” if you are using manual guidance. If using Autoguidance the unused satellites will need to be set to disabled.

See the attached video on how to navigate to the correct pages and change the satellite number on a New Holland display.

Only enter the CFG:SBAS page, if you get “lost” on the RDI page just keep hitting ESC until you arrive back at the home page and start again.

Please see supporting documents attached below:

Notice of EGNOS Changes 2020


372 Map

EGNOS changes Q1 2020