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established 1994

SlurryKat is an innovative slurry solutions company offering a wide range of equipment which has grown since 1994 when established.

With a wide range of awards presented to SlurryKat for its achievements since 2009, they have grow their range.

With a wide range of products on offer, Slurrykat can offer the following:-

  • Dribble Bars
  • Hose Reelers
  • Slurry Tankers
  • Doda Pumping systems
  • Injectors & Aerators
  • Trailers
  • Flowmeters
  • Biogas & Waste Recycling
  • Mixing & Pumping
  • Shear Grabs
  • Mobile Nurse Tanks

With the Slurrykat system in place you could save up to 80% on fertiliser costs. The Super-Flow 40mm slurry delivery hoses are fitted to all units.


The Dribble bars are available in widths from 7.5m – 12m  with the Swing up dribble bar being available in 15m, 24m. 

The Trailing shoe injectors are available in 10m, 12m widths. While the Farmline trailing shoe is available in 6m & 7.5m.


slurry tank red
Silver tankers
Slurrykat flatbed trailer
slurrykat pump