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Iseki UK & Ireland this week staged a launch of an out-front mower featuring a new Stage V compliant 22.5hp diesel engine.


Speaking to the trade press at a special event on Tuesday (June 18th), the company said they believe that with new features and market positioning, they see this new launch as a potential game changer for the brand to explore further avenues.


Iseki UK & Ireland md David Withers with the new SF224

Managing director, David Withers explained, “With the engine regulations coming into place shortly we wanted to offer the customer a competitively priced out-front mower with the same Iseki quality and reliability alongside a new Stage V compliant 22.5hp diesel engine.“The new SF224 mower offers the most economical way to cut grass commercially with high productivity plus the added benefit of the new 22.5hp engine enabling customers to save on fuel costs and initial purchasing costs of their machinery.”David continued, “Offering a range of decks to suit the various customer sites and cutting cycles, customers can choose from the Wessex, Iseki and Muthing flail decks, or the new Iseki out-front rotary deck. These options allow the machine to be highly versatile in this competitive market.The new Iseki 60” out-front rotary deck features three blades. The cutting height can be adjusted from 25mm to 125mm in 12.5mm increments as required. A mulching kit is also available to order.


The company were also keen to stress the storage capabilities which the new machine offers users. Product manager, Richard Tyrrell said, “When developing the product we studied how people use their mowers, quickly realising storage was a key issue when out cutting for long periods of time.”People were either bringing trailers with them, another vehicle, additional members of staff or tying containers onto the machines in order to carry strimmers, bin bags and other tools. With the SF224 operators can be more effective and productive with their time, taking all the equipment with them in the large storage bed on the back of the mower.”The mowers are equipped with two-pedal hydrostatic transmission and automatic or selectable 4WD. There is also a lockable differential for use when conditions demand. To ensure efficient engine cooling the radiator is fitted with an automatic reversing fan, so preventing the blockage of the grill

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