Out on demo with the New Holland W80C Compact Wheel Loader

We have been out on demo with the New Holland W80C Compact wheel loader, as the video illustrates the New Holland W80C is very maneuverable and does a fantastic job in this working environment. 

The four model, four wheel drive, articulated steer range, with power outputs of 58hp – 75hp, and operating capacities of 1.9t – 2.5t to a height of 3.1m – 3.4m respectively, offer high performance in a very agile package. The impressive performance figures are backed up by useful design features such as the low cab height of just 2.46m and max width of 1.74m on the smallest W50C model, which make it ideal for access to low farm buildings and narrow feed passageways. Added to these compact dimensions is the tight turn angle made by the articulated steering system, which makes it more manoeuvrable and user friendly than its all-wheel-steer competitors. The new cab design affords the operator a spacious working environment, the four pillar cab frame providing almost 360 degree visibility with minimal blind spots, is wide, bright and airy. The electro hydraulic joystick is truly multi-functional, making daily feeding or loading routines a swift and efficient affair.



The choice of one or two auxiliary hydraulic circuits and the availability of high flow in combination with creep speed allows work to be done at max flow at a constantly low forward pace. This capability is useful in a number of specialist applications such as snow blowing and yard sweeping.



The new Inch & Brake pedal progressively disengages the transmission in the decelerating phase while progressively engaging the brakes, giving the operator millimetric control of the machine at low speeds. The all-in-one joystick with proportional auxiliary control, flow memory button, float function and F-N-R switch puts all the machine’s controls in the operator’s hand.



The weight distribution enables the new compact wheel loader to fully benefit from its impressive improved lifting capacity. The superior hinge pin height and the contoured arms on Z-bar models, make it easy to load at the center of the trailer or feed wagon, without touching the edge. The automatic Glide-Ride system engages at speeds over 5.5km/h to prevent arm bouncing and to allow smooth travel at maximum road speed. Everything contributing to great productivity.