New Holland Parts

From The Turney Group

At Turney Group, we hold a large stock of genuine filters and spares to keep your machine running its best.

So Why should you choose genuine parts?

At Turney Group we are here to help you keep your machinery up and running, and we know how important it is to minimise downtime. Genuine components will keep your machinery working day after day they will help maximise performance and lower your operating costs. By using a genuine manufacturer’s part you have; A component made for your machine – that fits better, is installed quicker and which will last longer than a non-genuine part.

Guaranteed performance  – Non-genuine parts are built to fit a range of different machines and haven’t been tested on manufacturers machinery. This means they do not offer the same performance against genuine parts.

Readily available for your machine – If we don’t have it in stock in our extensive warehouse a genuine part can be sourced from manufacturers quickly and delivered usually the next day.

Competively priced – Genuine quality parts deliver you savings after fitting by ensuring your machine is working at its best.

Precision Land Management (PLM)