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For over 75 years, Hayter have been designing, manufacturing and engineering the finest lawnmowers to ensure outstanding, seamless results are delivered with every use. With a focus on innovation and exceptional British craftsmanship, our petrol and new battery lawnmowers are designed to offer superior performance and lasting durability to maintain a beautiful lawn with ease.

Hayter’s premium British lawnmowers are expertly crafted in Hertfordshire with our customers in mind and our revolutionary designs are trusted by homeowners and contractors throughout the UK. Whether you’re seeking a commercial lawnmower to create an immaculate look with our Hayter Stripes or require a reliable lawnmower to keep your garden looking its best, we offer the pinnacle of lawnmower manufacturing with every single product in our range. The Hayter Lithium-ion 60V battery lawnmowers offer low exhaust emissions and our unique power-boost feature which allows the mower’s power to adapt to suit grass length and cutting conditions for more convenience than ever before.

Make caring for your lawn a pleasure and discover our pioneering range today.

If you’d like to learn more about Hayter, you can visit their website by clicking here, or give our knowledgeable team at Weston-on-the-Green a call on 01869 343292

Battery Mowers
Model Availability Prices from
Hawk 36   £434 (inc VAT)
Hawk 43   £485 (inc VAT)
Harrier 41   £839 (inc VAT)
Harrier 48   £1,189 (inc VAT)
Osprey 46   £450 (inc VAT)
Petrol Mowers
Model Availability Prices from
Harrier 41   £739 (inc VAT)
Harrier 48  

£1,149 (inc VAT)

Harrier 56   £1,419 (inc VAT)

Osprey 46

  £449 (inc VAT)
Type Availability Prices from
Chargers   £70 (inc VAT)
Batteries   £175 (inc VAT)
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